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Nutritional fitness is the core of what we will do for you!

A balanced diet is pivotal to true health and fitness. TWI shows you how to understand your medical needs to individualize your health improvement plan. Trina uses weekly guideposts to help you measure habits and goals to create sustainable change. Our community and group programs are structured to accommodate active adults of all ages. We accept doctor referrals and are networked with major insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid!

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Take advantage of our unique services

Medical Nutrition Therapy Consultation

Body Composition Analysis

Fuel to optimize your strength and endurance

Get ready to make change happen

...just for you!

Annual Wellness Workshop

with Trina Hill, Registered Dietitian

Group rates with payment plans makes this a SPECTACULAR OFFER!



10-Week Class Series

THURSDAYS starting Jan 18,2024


425 Summit Terrace Ct Bldg-4

Columbia, SC 29229

Call 803-451-4621

This 10-week LIVE class series covers disease prevention, chronic illness,

pain and weight management in weekly nutrition and wellness group sessions

To get started, schedule your INDIVIDUAL:

  1. Initial medical nutrition assessment
  2. Initial fitness assessment with movement screening
  3. Body composition analysis

ALSO INCLUDED - Nutrition and Fitness application support

  • Guided Nutrition and Exercise plans
  • Chat messaging and online access with Registered Dietitian
  • Choose to maintain online access for a monthly fee


Our most popular services are personal wellness coaching, body composition and group wellness sessions detailed to meet specific needs. Trina uses medical nutrition therapy to address chronic disease and pain management. She is especially passionate about pre-diabetes prevention and diabetes management.

How has our individual and group clients benefited from working with us?

"Trina is second to none when it comes to delivering quality nutrition education programming... and really delivers on the Diabetes Nutrition Education and Cooking Demonstration Classes! "

-Sylvia Flint

Diabetes Intervention Program Coordinator

"She made our LIVESTRONG Cancer Survivor group fun and interactive yet still extremely informative! Trina answered many questions for the survivors on foods to focus more on, foods to limit and she did a few “myth busters” on nutrition related to health and wellness. We hope to have her back to present for each of our LIVESTRONG programs throughout the year!"

-Katie Yutuc

YMCA Live Strong Coordinator

"Trina introduced me to a new way to eat and train my body to maintain a healthy weight and I don't feel deprived. I thought I would always have to take cholesterol medication. I eat more and weigh less without killing myself in the gym."

-Kurtis Simpson

Active Adult Client

Guided Nutrition and Exercise Support Products

Meal Planner Mobile App
Key for wellness
Keyboard with key for coaching
Wellness Massage

Popular services

all services subject to insurance pricing based on referral status

Initial Consultation (1hr)

First visit to establish patient/client status includes body comp analysis

Body Composition Analysis Only (30 min)

Full Wellness Consultation (1hr)

One-time MNT visit (can be doctor-referred)

Wellness Consultation (3-visit package)

Medical Fitness Package (12-visits)

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

nutrition-based treatment that includes a nutrition diagnosis as well as therapeutic and counseling services to help manage chronic conditions

Six-Month MNT Sessions

12-Month MNT Sessions

Contracting and Consulting

Special requested nutrition or fitness classes, wellness sessions,

group presentations and speaking events






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